Don’t Sweep These Shows Under the Rug

Blaike Young Staff Writer I know Sweeps occurs 4 times a year, but I thought I’d take this not so unique opportunity to tell you all about the shows that take up space on my DVR. Don’t make fun of me, this to be very personal. Here’s my playlist:   1. Revenge-I find myself confused by this show the majority of the time. Half of the time I can’t understand what they’re saying, either because they are talking incredibly quietly or simply because the storylines are way over my head. Never the less, it’s a great show. As the title would suggest, the show’s about revenge. I can’t think of many things more interesting than that. Tune in for some Montauk scenery (even though it’s actually filmed in LA), ideas for what to do the next time you need to get back at someone, and Josh Bowman. Sundays at 8 on ABC.   2. Vampire Diaries-Hear me out on this one. It’s about vampires (duh), werewolves, and witches. But, it’s nothing like Twilight. The acting is great, the storylines keep you hooked, the vampires don’t sparkle, and Nina Dobrev has a significantly larger array of facial expressions than Kristen Stewart. That’s an improvement already from the Stephenie Meyer’s series (sorry Twihards). In short, this show has a surprising amount of substance. Tune in to crave the show’s next episode like a vampire craves blood and to wish you could actually be a vampire. Thursdays at 7 on The CW.   3. The Bachelor-You probably shouldn’t watch this actually. It’s trash. But it’s entertaining trash and so I felt a desire to include it on my list anyways. Tune in for completely insincere, fame seeking girls, a guy who likes all of those girls at the same time, and an engagement that lasts till the couple can get more publicity by splitting up. Mondays at 7 on ABC.   4. The Millionaire Matchmaker-Yeah, this show is trash too. Basically, Patti Stanger tries to find millionaires their soul mate. She’s nearly never successful, but watching her try is endlessly fascinating. It’s on Bravo. That’s probably not a redeeming fact, but it’s at least somewhat legitimate. Tune in to see extremely awkward first dates and Patti yell at people about everything they do wrong in the love department. Tuesdays at 9 on Bravo.   5. Pretty Little Liars-I started reading the book series in 6th grade, and so I feel a bond to this show. They haven’t followed the books since the show’s premiere, but I don’t really mind. To really get to the core of the show, there’s this girl Alison who dies and after her death, her 4 best friends receive mysterious text messages from a stalker named A. The girls are all pretty, they all lie, and they all have go to great lengths to cover up their lies, figure out who killed Alison, and who the psycho stalker is. Super fans can sign up to get text messages from A (not gonna lie, I have signed up for this feature. Sometimes they are slightly scary since the glass breaking text message sound on my phone can really startle a person. Most of the time they just give you hints on Tuesdays about what will happen in the episode). Tune in for Spencer’s outfits, the mystery, and the feeling that your life is very boring. Tuesdays at 7 on ABC Family.   Teen Wolf-You can probably guess what this show is about through the title. Yeah, you guessed right, it’s about a teen wolf. It’s on MTV so you occasionally get a good song out of watching. Watch to wish Latin had lacrosse, see some interesting looking wolves, and wish you were the alpha in some sort of pack. MTV, season 3 coming soon   Awkward-The characters aren’t as awkward as the title would make it seem. Although, Matty does sniff his armpits when he gets nervous, so I guess that’s pretty awkward. Basically the show’s about kids in high school who deal with love triangles and cheaters and then make up bad abbreviations accordingly. Tune in to be on Team Matty. You’re welcome. MTV, season 3 coming soon   Once Upon a Time-All of your favorite childhood fairy tale characters are banished out of their realm by an evil queen into Storybrooke, Maine. The show alternates between flashbacks in their realm and present day in our realm. Tune in to feel nostalgic about the characters you grew up with and slightly sad you don’t remember half of the stories. Sundays at 7 on ABC.   The Lying Game-If you like Pretty Little Liars, you’ll like The Lying Game. The show is based on a book by the same author as the Pretty Little Liars books. Two twins are separated at birth, they find each other, and they keep switching places in order to find their birth mother. It’s weird because the show almost makes the scenario sound realistic. Tune in to see sibling rivalry at its finest. Tuesdays at 8 on ABC Family.   Keeping Up With the Kardashians-Yeah, I keep up with the Kardashians. They’re interesting. What else can I say? It’s a good show to watch when school has made your brain melt and you don’t have the capacity to figure out the plot in any other show. Mindless TV. I would really love if Scott got his own spin-off show though. Lord Disick deserves it. Tune in for Scott’s outfits, Mason, and Kim’s crying. E, season 8 coming soon   90210-This is where to turn if you find there’s a huge gaping hole in your heart where Gossip Girl used to glamorously lay. It’s a bunch of wealthy young adults that live in Beverly Hills. West coast Gossip Girl without the stalking. Although, the characters have an abnormal amount of stalkers throughout the seasons. Tune in to be jealous of the warm weather and their social lives. Mondays at 8 on The CW.   Hart of Dixie-If you liked Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts, you’ll like her as Zoe Hart. The show takes place in the cutest town imaginable, the plots are a little unnoteworthy, but I don’t think you’ll mind. Zoe Hart moves to Bluebell, Alabama from New York City to be a general practitioner. To sum it up, it’s a fish out of water tale. The characters have names like Lemon, Magnolia, and Crickett. Tune in to wish you lived in Alabama and to see Rachel Bilson playing her second cutest character ever. Tuesdays at 7 on The CW.   So, as you can tell, I really like trashy, girly TV shows. I have no shame. I suggest you try watching at least a half a dozen episodes of each of these shows (starting at the first episode because I don’t understand how anyone can start watching halfway through). You may ask, how do I have time for all of these TV shows and how are you supposed to? Well, that’s what Saturday is for. Happy watching!]]>