Petition to Bring Back Manually Flushing Toilets

Tina Czaplinska Co-Editor-in-Chief In light of the Green Cup Challenge, Latin has stressed the importance of recycling, of keeping our classrooms crazy cold, and of not wasting too much paper on signs but has been forgetting about one of the most important resources: water. In some of the most vital rooms at Latin, the bathrooms, water flushes automatically—sometimes completely sporadically, sometimes more than once in a row, and sometimes when you don’t even need it to. Each flush wastes 3.5 gallons of water. All that water is literally going down the toilet. Also, in light of recent school related tragedies, manual flushing toilets might be necessary in a completely different sense. During lockdown drills, students are instructed to go to the nearest bathroom if unable to get to a classroom and sit on the toilet with their feet up. Though covering the flush sensor with a piece of toilet paper stops the flushing, a sliver of toilet paper can easily fall off and hardly puts anyone’s mind at ease. So, in hopes of protecting our environment in more ways than one, please sign this petition to bring back manually flushing toilets. Sincerely, The Forum **Editor’s Note: Commenting your name at the end of this article counts as one “signature.”**]]>