A Frightening Moment

Will Nuelle Staff Writer Tuesday, November 6 at 3:20 shouldn’t have been a significant time; unfortunately, it was. Whether or not everyone was there to witness it, the scene outside school at the corner of Clark and North was an alarming one. I wasn’t expecting much as I left school that afternoon, but I was in for a surprise. As I walked through the glass doors and down towards the corner or Clark and North, I saw three security guards hunched over a body near the garbage can. There was a period where I ignored what was going on; we see odd things all too often as city kids, anyways. I took a second glance, though. I was absolutely frightened by what I saw: someone’s body lying on the wet cement seizing uncontrollably. It was a scary realization and it was all too real. Luckily, the school staff handled it well and senior Michael Berger called an ambulance. The worst part about it is that all we can do is assume. There will be no closure; no one announcing at Gathering that the person is okay. This incident is beyond the friendly, protected Latin community and there is a good chance that no one at Latin will have any idea of the outcome. That’s how life is sometimes, though. Although we might not be told the outcome, at least some very caring members of our community impacted that person’s life positively. And for that I am glad.]]>