Singing and Bringing Countries Together: ASA's Speaker

Tina Czaplinska Co-Editor-in-Chief I know that I just did an article about LASO, but a lot of underrated clubs are really getting their grooves back. Previously associated with their announcements where senior Colin Nishi doesn’t say anything, the Asian Student Alliance is really stepping up this year. This is mainly exemplified through their plans for the next week: hosting an assembly. Mr. Choi, faculty sponsor of ASA, notes, “I don’t believe ASA (or ASO before) has ever hosted an official speaker in the 11 years that I have been here.” So this is pretty big. Chicago’s very own Josephine Lee will be joining us this Thursday, November 1.Through her work as the artistic direction and now president of the Chicago’s Children Choir, she has greatly influenced Chicago’s renowned art institutions.  She has won many awards, but just to name a few: In 2006, the Chicago Tribune named her a “Chicagoan of the Year in the Arts,” and in 2007, she was honored as a Distinguished Musician by the Union League Club of Chicago. Junior Caroline Volgman, a member of both the Chicago Children’s Choir and ASA, shares, “Choir has taught me commitment, professionalism, diligence, the value of excellence, and discipline.” As she noted in gathering, “I’m really excited for Asian club to bring in their first speaker since anyone can remember.” Senior Lynden Lee, a leader of ASA, comments, “As a part of the Asian Student Alliance’s mission to promote the successes of Asian Americans, we are inviting Josephine Lee to be used as an example of this success, in which she has an impact on many other lives by teaching children through music.” Ms. Lee aims to channel her passion for music into good. Solidifying ASA’s mission statement about raising awareness, Ms. Lee hopes to discuss her dreams of reconciliation between North and South Korea.  In 2008, she actually performed at the 38th parallel—the division between the two countries—in the Korean Demilitarized zone, marking the first civic choir to ever perform there.]]>