A Latin Student's Television Debut

Will Nuelle Junior Jack Gomberg has a hidden talent; he showcased it last Spring to the entire school. It’s acrobatic and uncommon. Can you figure it out? Well, that’s what Matt Bennett, James Maslow, Carlos Peña, and Ciara Bravo, all of whom are stars on various Nickelodeon shows, had to guess on the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd in Hollywood, CA. His special talent, of course, is the ability to do amazing acrobatics while spinning in a giant white wheel, formerly known as the German Wheel or Gym Wheel. Jack made his national television debut on October 15th at 6 PM CT on Nickelodeon on the show Figure It Out. With friend Dave Ettelson, Jack was faced with questions from judges, answering them with yes or no questions. The judges failed to guess Jack and Dave’s talent in the first three rounds of guessing, so they began to acquire prizes along the way. Their portion of the episode ended with judge Ciara Bravo getting slimed — a common Nickelodeon practice — and the two boys giving a performance in their German Wheels. The judges were amazed by what they saw, as were many Latin students by Jack’s demonstration last spring. Jack Gomberg himself gave The Forum the inside scoop on what it was like being on the show. Besides getting to meet Jon Stewart (and having Jon Stewart take a picture of him — talk about role reversal!), he says, “Everything that could be controlled was perfected to the last detail. The people were super nice and really funny — we got to meet everyone on set.” He also shares that the set was a lot smaller than it looked. Jack’s younger brother, freshman Will Gomberg, who joined Jack for the filming of the show had this to say about it: “The taping of Figure it Out was an experience unlike any other, and we all really enjoyed it. It was awesome to see how the show worked behind the scenes, including the huge vats of slime beneath each seat. In the end, the experience was great and it was really fun seeing my brother perform so well (and win us a vacation).” Watch the full episode here: http://www.nick.com/videos/clip/figure-it-out-624-full-episode.html]]>