Introducing The Rhythm Review

Jake Orlin and Victoria Lancaster Bored of listening to the same Top Ten iTunes playlist everyday? Need new music? If so, check out “The Rhythm Review.” This past quarter, we’ve teamed up with Mr. Tempone as part of our year-long Independent Study. The ISP has a unique class process. We meet with Mr. Tempone to discuss our posts and then study the way people analyze and write about music. We reference websites like Pitchfork and Rolling Stone to see what professionals do, and then we try to create our own versions of song and album reviews, artist bios, interviews, etc. Upon completion, we post each assignment to our Tumblr blog, “The Rhythm Review.” We have been able to track how many people visit the site, and are almost at five hundred hits. It has been exciting to see people reading our articles — it makes them exciting to work on. In the future, we hope to have a website of our own, and continue work on our blog even past this school year. We urge Latin students to take advantage of the unique ISP option that Latin has to offer. An Independent Study is simply a self-shaped and self-taught class. It allows you to explore any passion or subject that you are interested in learning more about. It also allows unique one-on-one attention with a teacher who may have a similar passion. At the end of the year or the semester, you receive a grade for your hard work just like a normal academic class. So far, we have enjoyed getting to know more about Mr. Tempone and his knowledge of music, ranging from Led Zeppelin to The Black Keys. Finally, we encourage you to check out “The Rhythm Review” at You can comment on and share our posts if you have a Tumblr account. Also, if you have suggestions or requests on what we should write about, feel free to email or message us on Facebook, or stop us in the hallway. If you’re interested, and would like to help out, we are looking for someone to help out with the blog design and logo. We appreciate all of your support so far and we hope you enjoy!]]>