The Truth about the WiFi Changes

Tina Czaplinska Co-Editor-in-Chief In response to Josh Martin’s recent editorial, Director of the IT department Shandor Simon hopes to clear things up due to some misunderstandings about the new WiFi networks. When attempting to use the Internet, there are two WiFi networks that are available, LatinGuest and LatinAuth. The former is the most restrictive option. Mr. Simon stresses “that members of our community– staff, faculty, students — shouldn’t use that network. It is available to anyone, so we have put the most restrictions on it.” This prevents strangers from having free access to the Internet, but also ensures Internet safety for all of our students. “If a Lower School student should get on the Internet, they do not have the same availability to the world wide web that an Upper School student could handle,” says Mr. Simon. The latter, LatinAuth, is what Upper School students should be using. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is available on this network. A content filter may pop up, but if a student puts in her username and password, she will be able to get through. In a final statement, Mr. Simon hopes to open up the lines of communication. “I didn’t know that anyone had a problem. We didn’t get a single complaint,” says Mr. Simon. Frustrations with your Internet connection? Can’t connect to LatinAuth? Contact [email protected] or visit Room 321.]]>