Soccer Victorious, Field Hockey Loses with Low Fan Turnout


Uma Vadali

The varsity boys soccer and girls field hockey teams dress up for Formal Friday the day before their Homecoming games.

Saturday was the perfect autumn day for Latin’s homecoming games. The sun beamed on the crowd as a cool breeze occasionally wafted the scent of pizza over the field. Many Latin students were in attendance at Montrose Turf Field as the varsity boys soccer team shut out Parker 2-0, continuing their strong season. Later in the afternoon, the girls varsity field hockey team fell 2-0 to Parker—Latin field hockey’s first loss to their rival in three years.
Senior soccer athletes were honored in a pregame ceremony for their contributions to the program. In the opening minutes of the game, senior Luke Parr was given a yellow card for wearing shin guards that must have been at least two inches too short. “Ref was praying on my downfall,” Luke said after the game.

Luke Parr’s new shin guards appear to be smaller than his hands (Luke Parr)

The team, clearly shaken by the penalty, failed to score in the first half. However, assistant coach Michael Hurley riled up the squad with an electrifying and boisterous halftime speech. He was heard yelling, “We’ve got 40 minutes left. Leave it all out there, boys.”
The team responded to Coach Hurley’s speech with goals from senior Ethan Mullens and junior “six-piece” Reeise Remmer, who was given his nickname after netting six goals against Parker at the regional championship game last year. Luke, nicknamed “Messi Mug,” almost bounced back with a header to seal the game, but the ball hit the back of his head, causing it to go off-target. However, senior co-captain Cameron Woan praised Luke, the second-year player, noting, “He always puts himself in the right place at the right time.”
Following the soccer game, Latin held an Athletics Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and then the girls field hockey game began. The crashing of sticks and fierce penalty charges provided much action during the scoreless opening frame. However, the team suffered two defeating goals during the following quarters, losing 2-0.
“Sometimes teams have bad days and that’s all there is to it,” senior Vanessa Block said. “There are definitely things we could have done better, but I don’t think this one game reflects us as a team at all.”
The fan turnout didn’t do the field hockey team any favors. While the crowd was electric at the boys soccer game, coming up with inspiring chants and songs that energized the team, most students left before the start of the field hockey game.
“I was disappointed to watch almost the entire crowd leave the game before or while the field hockey team was playing,” senior and Co-Curricular Prefect Alice Mihas said. “I take partial responsibility given it is my role to improve student turnout at these games.”
Senior Anton Schuster criticized the crowd entirely, saying, “If only school spirit was alive, the boys soccer would have received a grand applause.” Sarcastically he added, “And the girls field hockey would have spectators in the double digits.” Anton continued by praising himself. “This school is left with one chiseled warrior—myself. I ran on the field expecting a crowd to follow but was left hopeless. To my dismay, no one followed, signage of teenagers afraid their hair is going to look bad and scared of being judged.”
Some, however, felt that the community showed up and supported their peers. “It was a good turnout,” senior Kaden Stone said. “The soccer and field hockey teams did the best they could to put on a show.”
Both teams look to continue their strong seasons as they move forward into state tournaments, hoping to make Latin proud.