‘Ride On, See You’ by Ann McGlinn—A Review


In early 2022, beloved Upper School English teacher Ann McGlinn published her second novel, Ride On, See You. The book takes place in Dublin, Ireland, and beautifully intertwines three protagonists’ experiences with love, loss, and grief.

After his wife passes in a plane crash which he was piloting, David Lenihan learns to navigate his life and rediscover his purpose. Racked by guilt and pain, David starts to rebuild his life around his deep sorrow. It is with poise and authenticity that Ms. McGlinn writes about such loss and conveys emotions to readers who may never have felt them before. Throughout the novel, we see the perspective of David’s wife, Marie O’Dea, before her death, through her letters and poems written about her husband. These memories are crucial to her spirit living on.

The inclusion of windows into who Marie was, as well as the relationship that forms between her and the reader, make the story all the more real, as her letters reveal what could have been. Her values, her love for Ireland and for her husband, and, most importantly, her voice are expertly preserved in the jump between the past and the present.

The third character, Emmett, experiences love and loss on a different scale as he observes his parents’ separation. Although Emmett and David encounter two very different experiences at two very different ages, the similarities in their emotions are incredible to watch develop.

Over the past couple of years, we have all lost something. Whether it be pre-COVID normalcy or hope in the aftermath of national tragedies, Latin students and the nation both grieve. Ride On, See You is a beautifully written book that offers a momentary escape from the darkness we too frequently face. Enjoy as it takes you on the healing adventure of a lifetime.