Is Winter the Best Season?

The nation is still recovering from last Thursday’s Thanksgiving festivities, filled with family, joy, and lots of food, but the celebrations aren’t over quite yet. Hanukkah is already here, and Christmas, the New Year, and many more holidays are coming. The rush of excitement won’t be able to disappear before the next series of festivities arrives.

“I go crazy about Christmas,” said junior McLaine Leik. “The material Christmas things like the tree and the garlands and the snow aren’t the actual reasons why Christmas makes people happy. They just remind people what Christmas represents: a time for being grateful for the people in your life.”

Alternatively, junior Lizzie Lucas, who celebrates Hanukkah, said, “I like following the traditions of Hanukkah and remembering how the miracles happened for the Jewish people.”

Chicago fosters many of its own traditions to welcome the holidays in, such as ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo, or the Christkindlmarket. The city is known for capturing the spirit of winter, and many tourists come to town to take part in the memorable experiences Chicago has to offer. Senior Max Wilkins has been attending ZooLights since he was a kid. “It’s really fun to see what the zoo will do each year,” he said.

This flurry of winter extravaganzas brings many activities for the public to take part in, from ice skating to helping create the holiday magic for local shelters.

And for all the sports fanatics out there, basketball and football are only two of the numerous collegiate and pro-level sports that thrive in the winter. “Something about the winter atmosphere always makes games more competitive and exciting,” said senior Reed Rasmussen. “I am looking forward to the onslaught of big matchups coming up in the following weeks.”

As shopping for vacations and gift-giving also pick up during the winter months, Black Friday and Cyber Monday also aid the energy of winter and its dominance over other seasons. Storefronts beckon passersby with tempting deals and eye-catching gifts. Freshman Ellie Anderson said, “Black Friday was fabulous because of the sales and the festive decor, particularly the Dior windows. It was exhilarating to see everyone out shopping!”

The one thing nature adds to the mix is snow. Sure, it may be a pain trying to get to school before your first class, but nothing beats a fresh snowfall. Topping the roofs of houses and buildings, snow is icing on the cake for a fun day sledding down a hill, or capturing a picture to hold with you forever and look back on. Sophomore Nathan Koo said he has also “grown to favor the cold and the attire that comes with it.”

So it’s probably apparent at this point why winter dominates the four seasons. Its uniqueness, celebration, and community make it the best. And with December just around the corner, the fun has only just begun.