ECCO: Latin’s Art and Literary Magazine


Zoe Larsen

Latin’s art and literary publication ECCO is open to submissions from community members.

ECCO, “Latin’s premier art and literary publication,” according to senior Co-Head Maddox Hussar, provides a unique opportunity for Latin students to display their creative talents.

The publication compiles submissions, which range from portraits, drawings, fashion designs, poetry, short stories, and essays, into a magazine for Latin students to take home at the end of the school year. They are currently working on an online publication to include music submissions as well.

The ECCO team’s mission is to encourage celebration of the arts at Latin.

“I think there’s some sort of culture where art is lame or something,” Maddox said. “People just don’t feel incentivized to show their art.”

“We’ve had to fight for individual submissions, and we’ve had to go up to individual people and tell them we want people to want to be featured in the magazine,” Maddox said. “The lack of personal connection from just going up to gathering and saying, ‘Hey, please submit’ doesn’t really make people feel that special.”

He added, “People are creating, and we want to encourage people to submit, to show that Latin is not just focused on STEM and history, that we actually are creating art and that we want to be innovative and creative.”

For a chance to be featured in ECCO, submit here by March 4.