Girl Power!

Samantha Fifield

Staff Writer

On April 24th my sister, Alexa, and I had the privilege to attend the 4th annual Girl Power Luncheon. This event helped raise money for the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, which is the only all women’s charter school in Chicago. As a member of LAW, it brought inspiration to my heart to hear so many accomplished women speaking not only about Girl Power, but about their experiences with hope, confidence, and support given to them by their fellow female peers. The concept of Girl Power, was defined for us by a Sun Times journalist, Laura Washington. Girl Power is the power to make the best of every situation with poise and to truly appreciate and celebrate the success of women today. Laura Washington works in a male dominated business but is determined to succeed because of the empowerment she receives from the support of other women. The Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago is located on the south side and the women who are chosen to attend this institution are selected at random from a lottery. The environment these 7-12th grade girls are taught it produces nothing but excellence. With a 100% graduation rate and 90% of these women continuing on to college, this school shows just how productive and successful a girl only education system can be. Although both the alumni and senior speakers spoke about their initial doubts of committing to 4 years of being surrounded by only their sex, they could not stop raving about how much confidence, support, hope, and limitless opportunities they were surrounded by. These students learned to celebrate themselves for who and how truly remarkable they are. They learned from one another and learned to be the best they could be. These young women illustrate how much power and faith can come from the encouragement of others and true potential for any woman no matter what she looks like, what school she goes to, or where she comes from. Any woman has the Girl Power to do what she puts her mind to.]]>