Latin Stays Social While Being Safe


Paige Hosbein

The Latin School of Chicago’s two bridges connecting the Upper School to the Middle School building.

Staying social and active has become increasingly difficult during the pandemic, and the cold will not make this task any easier. In a recent JAMA Pediatrics article, Dr. Lindsay A. Thompson lamented the negative effects of remote learning on mental health, noting that “most kids are social animals. They want to be around each other.”
COVID has forced everyone into isolation, so it is no surprise that it takes a toll on mental health. However, students across Chicago have found creative ways to keep in touch with their friends while trying to keep COVID-19 at bay, including outdoor activities that limit the spread. So, what have Latin students come up with?
Sophomore Akili Parekh, an avid runner and Spikeball player, said, “I think it is very important for us to stay active during the pandemic, as people are tending to stay inside more often. Not only are outdoor activities good for your body, but they also can relieve stress from a long school day.” He makes sure to find time to play Spikeball with his friends and also participates on the cross country team, where he can interact with other runners.
Freshman Nathan Koo enjoys playing golf and videogames. He played JV golf and loves playing popular video games such as Among Us and Valorant with his friends. “I’ve been able to play more golf due to not having hockey and other sports as a result of COVID-19,” Nathan said. “I’ve enjoyed playing it as it’s a fun way to move around and socialize, while also making sure to not make matters worse.” He noted that golf allowed him to interact and meet new people, while still being masked and distanced.
Junior Shreya Wojno also had some ideas. “While it was warm,” she said, “my friends and I loved having outdoor, socially distant picnics or taking our dogs on walks together.” She discussed how she had to adjust to the weather change, saying, “It’s definitely harder to spend time distanced outside, but we often drive to each other’s houses to drop off baked goods and just say hi. Recently, my friends and I have been ‘snail mailing,’ which is super fun because everyone loves receiving stuff in the mail.”
There are many interesting, cool, and most importantly safe ideas to hang out with friends. Akili noted, “As we as a society are growing more inactive and distant from friends than ever, it is vital for us to go outside and have some fun!” Snow golf, anyone?