Welcoming Back Ms. Cabral

Frani O’Toole Staff Writer At the end of Spring Break, Latin welcomed back Ms. Cabral, an Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, and Honors Geometry teacher, from maternity leave. Her second son, Daniel, was born in mid-January, and she says that returning to Latin has been, “great, it’s really been excellent.” While she was gone, her students had a number of different substitutes, primarily Ms. Kritzberg, who is a former Latin math teacher who retired a year and a half ago. Ms. Kritzberg said she has loved being back at Latin, “well, that is except for the getting up early.” On several occasions Ms. Kritzberg was not available to substitute, so Mr. Hawley and Mr. Mahoney volunteered to teach Algebra II, Mr. Izen taught Honors Algebra II, and Ms. Dhaliwal taught Honors Geometry. One Honors Algebra II student remarked that “having so many different substitutes made homework, tests, and quizzes very complicated. You never knew which teacher was making or grading your tests.” Another Algebra II student said that “with all the different teachers, RomanNet and figuring out the right homework was really confusing.” Both students, however, add that their substitutes were all great teachers and that they have learned a lot over the past few months. Meanwhile, Ms. Dhaliwal, a first-time advisor, managed Ms. Cabral’s advisory. Though she was a first-time advisor, one advisee says she “was terrific.” Both Ms. Seymour and Mr. Graf briefly helped the advisory as well. Overall, during Ms. Cabral’s absence many teachers eagerly took on extra work and classes. They exemplified the willing, helpful faculty Latin is fortunate to have and the dedication of the math teachers. I’m sure we would all like to thank every teacher that helped substitute classes and extend a warm welcome back to Ms. Cabral.]]>