Baseball Season Recap

Ethan Lee Co-Sports Editor Last year, the Latin Roman’s Varsity Baseball team had a meager record of 7 and 10. This year, after graduating only one senior, the team’s record is 12 and 5. With just the subtraction of Michigan attendee, Nick Drew, and the addition of soccer star Alex Dago, the Romans are basically the same team as they were last year. However, according to Jason Tebbens, last year’s Assistant Coach and this year’s Head Varsity Baseball Coach, this nearly identical team is “100 times better. If the two teams were to play each other, this years’ team would 10-run last year’s.” Most of the difference and positive change in this year’s baseball team can be credited towards the Latin Baseball coaching staff. With three relatively new coaches, the players have learned to strive and learn the game well under them. Britt Henderson, the face of the Junior Varsity franchise, said, “As a JV baseball player, my preseason thoughts were that I was just going to mess around, like last year. However this year, Coach Pauly pushed my teammates and myself. My coach was knowledgeable and he was easily approachable, like all Latin faculty members.” Either playing baseball in high school, college or both, Coach Tebbens, Coach Hanes, and Coach Pauly all have recognizable experience and knowledge of the game. As a member of the Varsity Baseball Team, I truly believe that the coaches are accessible and can give valuable suggestions and constructive criticism to help your overall game. Starting center fielder Matt Weiss agrees with this statement, “The coaches worked hard and wanted to win. That’s all you can ask from your coach as a player. Tebbens has done a great job of making sure the young guys know what’s expected of them. He has put a lot of time into making them better players and teammates, and we have been more successful as a program with it.” During the season, the team beat Whitney Young, one of the higher regarded teams in the city. It seems to be that the higher the competition the better the team plays. Last year’s reigning MVP, Hunter Case, views last year’s team and this years team the same way. He doesn’t believe that the talent level is different, however “The work ethic is higher on this team from start to finish.” This year’s team has more determination and drive. Every game, they give their best, playing “with more consistency.” On Thursday (May 20, 2010), the Romans will test their skill against Rickover Naval Academy for the first round of their Regional’s. After last year’s utter defeat in the first round of Sectionals, the Romans are looking for redemption. Matt adds, “This year we have better pitching and better offensive production so I think the first or second round is realistic. But with the talent that our team has, the sky is the limit. The athleticism across the board on our team is very high, and once we can settle in mentally and get into the right mindset we could make a run into the state tournament. We just have to make sure we always want to win more than the other team.” With the skill assets down, the challenge for the Romans is mental toughness and focus. This year’s team wants it more than last years. They have matured, and when necessary, they will deliver. Currently the only team left to play in their Regional’s is the Latin Varsity Baseball Team R, who will look for a win out of sophomore starter Tom Cox on Thursday and an all around quality performance from each of the players dressed in orange and blue. Hopefully it will be the first of many.]]>