Lunching at Latin

Brittany Kraff Staff Writer The typical lunch for many in the middle school cafeteria: A bagel, chips, and a cookie. With the switch to the new middle school, one of the plans was to have a healthier option for the middle school students when it came to their food. Many of the kids in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade are not able to make good choices about what they are to eat on a day to day basis, so now the choices would be limited and ultimately made for them. With the alteration from a wide variety of food in the upper school cafeteria, to one with limited choices, the kids in the middle school feel as if they are not given the opportunity to make those healthy decisions. One middle school student has said, “The food in the middle school is inedible. You know something is wrong when we only eat bagels and chips every day. That is if we are lucky enough to even have those.” Although kids of this age are prone to exaggeration, unfortunately, the daily diet of the kids does consist of these unhealthy foods. The adjustment that was supposed to improve the diet of the middle school students has only made it worse. By limiting their choices, they are more likely to make poor ones. High school students are older and wiser, however their choices are not much better than those of who are years younger. With the many healthy choices that are offered in the upper school cafeteria, many of those options don’t get chosen. In the coming month of July, a new food service team will take over providing all the meals and snacks in all three cafeterias. Although this decision was not made because of the unhealthy diets of many of the Latin School students, and rather just the new winner of the winter bid, they have promised that it will increase the quality of our food in terms of nutritional value, a commitment to sustainability and locally-produced organic foods, taste and budget consciousness. Will this new change bring on the results that the school has been aiming for? Or will it just contribute to the growing unhealthiness of the students. In the meantime, the students should be open to new ideas and think positively about our new service so that we can aid in its success.]]>