Something Borrowed

Samantha Cohen Staff Writer

If you weren’t too busy with Prom this past weekend, perhaps you joined the thousands of people who were “wowed” by Something Borrowed. This romantic comedy, directed by Luke Greenfield, is about the relationship of love and friendship.  In the movie, Attorney and loyal friend Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) struggles to find a solution to a predicament that could tear her apart from the people she loves most. Her demanding and wild best friend since grade school, Darcy (Kate Hudsen), is engaged to Rachel’s old law school crush Dex (Colin Egglesfield). Soon Dex and Rachel confess their love for one another and attempt to make their relationship work. There is one major problem, Rachel and Dex are Darcy’s minions and each is too afraid to face her wrath. Subsequently, they refuse to confess their true feelings. Both Rachel and Dex must choose between being with the one they truly love and doing what is best for their careers and friendships. Something borrowed is a heartwarming film about the meaning of true friendship and about finding what you really want and going for it. The subplots in this movie were witty and cute, thus adding humor to the movie. So despite it sounding like the chick flick of the year, I would suggest Something Borrowed to anyone. If you are a boy, a girl, a best friend, or have ever faced a tough situation, this movie is a definite watch. AP tests are over, there is no excuse!  So those of you who have not yet seen it, or are reluctant to, take a break and enjoy Something Borrowed. You will, without a doubt, gain from the experience.