Girls Track Qualifies for State

Lindsey Bell Co-Features Editor Friday the 13th came at an unfortunate time this year—the same day of Girls’ Track Sectionals. Ironically enough, the day proved to be the luckiest day of the year for track stars Camille Coklow (’12), Kristina Harris (’12), Alessandra Foresti (’12), and Taylor Golub (’11). But it wasn’t luck that evoked their success, but rather countless hours of determination and dedication that led these girls to become state qualifiers. Even on the very first day, as all 70 members of the track team crowded into room 503 on that bitter-cold February day, there were high expectations. It was quickly realized that it was going to take lots of hard work when athletes started tasting strawberry sour straws and chocolate chip cookies from BSU’s bake sale for the second time that day. These expectations were not only met, but also surpassed when junior sprinters Kristina Harris and Camille Coklow tag-teamed for first and second place at every meet. Junior hurdler Alessandra Foresti excelled in the three hundred hurdles, while Senior Taylor Golub received many points for long jump and triple jump. While also maintaining their individual events, the girls came together to assemble a champion 4×100 relay team. Hopes were elevated even higher when the team broke the school record at conference by 1.85 seconds. It was their first step towards State. The last relay team that had a chance to go down state comprised of Brittany Cato, Kiera Cole, Sami Parillo, and Camille Coklow in 2009, running a 53.2 in the 4×100. However, the team ultimately had to sacrifice the opportunity to qualify for state when sectionals was rained out and moved to the day of prom. The monsoons of last Friday sent already-anxious Camille on edge. Luckily enough, the rain stopped and the water cleared off the track. The race was on. Despite the high winds and cold weather, the girls ran a 51.35—their personal record and a state qualifying time. Alessandra Foresti also made it to state by coming in first in the three hundred hurdles, while Camille came in second in the open 100 dash. Accompanied by their alternates, the state team leaves this Wednesday for Eastern Illinois University, and will return on Friday. If they make it to the finals, they will head back down Friday night for a Saturday competition. When asked how far she thought the team would go, Camille stated, “I think we will do fairly well. I think our 4×1 has a great chance to make it to the finals and as for the open 1, we’ll see what happens.”]]>