California Outdoor Adventure: Puking, Fainting, and Tuna Fish

Brittany Kraff Staff Writer Vomiting was a common experience during Project Week 2011; however, it was not for the same reasons that may have caused this sickness in past years. The projects were full of hiking, cooking, performances, races, and hospitalization for one trip in particular.  This last adventure was not exactly included in the description for the California Outdoor Adventure. Incredible outdoor venues can often bring unexpected surprises. Food poisoning, altitude sickness, dehydration and even ticks were definitely among them. It was a record number of 7 people who became sick on the California Outdoor Adventure trip. As Lindsey Bell said, “This trip truly was all that is described in its name. We were thrown out into the wilderness and had quite the adventure.” A moment on the trip that was the breaking point for many of the seven was during their Ferry Boat ride. Many of the students even began to question why they chose this trip in the first place, because of how sick they felt. However, once they hit land and were able to regain the color to their faces, they remembered just how great of an experience this trip really was. Emily Graf decided to be a true team player and eat the tuna fish that their “infamous guide” Clay told her to try. Emily said “About two hours later I was puking behind a tree while, ironically, the group learned about the hazards of rescue from the back country.” Emily’s moral: puking, fainting, and tuna fish work wonders for group bonding. Grant Simon, the one who dealt with the tick ailment may have had it the worst. Not only did he have to experience all of the same nausea bringing adventures as everyone else, but he also had to deal with side effects from the medicine he received. He said, “Although I felt pretty awful, at least I was not alone. We formed a bond from being sick together and it only brought us closer. We made a fun time out of a bad situation.” Grant’s point really sums up what project week is all about–Working together to pull through any situation and forming bonds that may not have been made elsewhere. The students who went through this true adventure came out feeling stronger than ever and are ready to tackle anything else that will come their way in Project Weeks to come.]]>