A Little Roman Holiday

Mehr Singh Co-Sports Editor At the Loyola game a couple of weeks ago, Latin students waved around bright orange towels, cheering for the boy’s basketball team, but did anyone notice the writing on those towels? They read: “ Roman Holiday, March 5, 2011,” this year’s theme for the Latin auction. As parents walked into the Fairmont Hotel, they felt just like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck from the movie “Roman Holiday,” as they stepped onto a red carpet with Latin student paparazzi clicking away, and Audrey Hepburn herself disguised as Drita Kabashi, Michaella Baker, and Taylor Pedicone, and Gregory Peck was disguised as Jared Levin, Paul Hinkes, and Mitchell Stone. Other Latin middle schoolers and high schoolers played cute marketers as they persuaded parents to buy raffle tickets using touch-screen devices with eBay-like technology. As Freshman Jen Costa said,  “The night went by really fast and it was fun talking to parents. Also, the auction was new for me so it was cool to see how it worked and to learn how to use the cool computer things.” Latin students were such good sellers that by the end of the night, they ran out of raffle tickets to sell. Of course, considering the competitive nature of Latin students, there was some friendly competition between students, running up to the front door, trying to sell more tickets than the other groups…after all, a gift card was given to the group that sold the most. The question is did the well-acquainted seniors sell more, or the adorable, undeniable middle schoolers? As the night progressed students prepared to be bid-runners for the biggest event of the night: the live auction. As items such as V.I.P. Fun In L.A. with “Dancing with the Stars” and “Chelsea Lately” and the opportunity to stay at a private castle, Casale Escaiole in Tuscany, filled the screens, the conversations slowed down and parents started bidding. Interestingly enough, the items that went for the most, were the two items that related to the Latin community: the Marble Slade Murder Mystery Undernighter and the Middle School Sleepover going for $26,000 and $20,000, respectively. It clearly showed how invested everyone was in supporting the Latin community first. Marissa Weiss, a sophomore, explained, “ I liked seeing students, teachers, staff, parents, and Latin alumni supporting the school. It was great to see that the lower school, middle school, and upper school students who volunteered added to the success of the night.” While the live auction was a great success, so was the silent auction, and as senior prefect Jeremy Porter said, “ I attended the “super silent” auction and from what I can tell, it was fantastic. There was great attendance and everyone seemed to be having a grand time as they enjoyed the delicious hors d’oeuvres and bid on great items. It was also exciting to volunteer with one’s peers and teachers at such a fancy event!” All in all, the night proved to be successful. Attendees of the Latin auction had a wonderful time coming together to enjoy the Latin community and our “Roman Holiday.”]]>