Please Wear Pants

Dilara Akgunduz Co-Editor in Chief There is always a time and place for everything. At the beach, I am ready to see people with very few articles of clothing on, but in the hallways? Um, no. You might be wondering what I am complaining about THIS time. Last week, I saw a male student in the hallway with only a shirt and boxers on. Now, don’t get me wrong. Latin has a very attractive population and many kids here make an effort to be healthy and work out a lot. However, even if you look like the younger version of Brad Pitt, I do not under any circumstances want to see any of my classmates in their underwear in the hallways. And I realize that I have seen this happen a few too many times (especially among guys, but this message goes out to girls, too!), though it would be wrong to say that a majority of the students change in the hallways. I am addressing those several kids who DO change in the hallways. I remember that as a freshman, I had the most unfortunate first-time experience of seeing an older student walking in the hallways with white socks and boxers on…only. I will never be prepared to see someone with only his/her underwear on in the school hallways. One, it’s awkward. Two, why are you changing in the hallway? And three, what if a teacher saw you?! And teachers, what would you do in that kind of situation? I love how comfortable Latin students are with one another, but I know some people would agree with me when I say that not everyone is eager to see someone with no shirt on, wearing only boxers, coming from gym, and smelling not-so-pleasantly. Even if you think it is attractive, I am going to ask for you to refrain and contain your gorgeousness: I am not shocked at how great you look, but at the fact that you are not wearing any pants.]]>