Latin Community Comes Together for Open House

[/caption] Hedy Gutfreund Staff Writer You walk into gathering and see the bright orange Latin banner lowered above the stage. The most stunning student art is up on the second floor. Mr. Tebbens is frantically reminding students to show up on time on Sunday. Yes, it is that time of year again: The Open House. On Sunday, November 21, over one hundred students showed up to represent clubs, perform in a musical group, be a speaker for the potential Latin families, or be an ambassador to the school. Hundreds of prospective students came to see classes, clubs, and listened to what students have to say about Latin. Prospective families first went to the theater to hear musical groups perform and to listen to a presentation about Latin from students. Then, they were able to see three presentations on classes, from hearing about the Performing Arts department with Mr. Teolis to visiting a Nazi Mind session. Finally, families headed to the gym to see all the clubs and sports Latin offers. To some, the Open House is meaningless, but to many, it gives a chance to show off to prospective students what we love about the school. At the clubs fair, many club leaders were able to share their interests in their extracurricular activities, from Yearbook to Scholastic Bowl to China Care. Sophomore Marissa Weiss loves the opportunity to be an ambassador for Latin because, “Open house gave me the opportunity to show off how great Latin is and what makes our community so special.” Families really did react to what they saw at Latin. At my time as an ambassador at the Open House, many families told me that they had been to many previous Open Houses at other schools and that Latin kids seemed genuine in their love for the school. Prospective student Jaya Sharma, who currently attends Morgan Park Academy, told me, “I really liked the open house. It was a lot of fun. Plus, all the student guides were amazing!” For other students, being an ambassador shows just how much they have grown into the Latin community. Many new freshmen were able to represent Latin as executive ambassadors, such as Carli Kovel, who says, “I remember being impressed with the school when I first looked at it, and it was great to be able to represent it.” Freshman Patrick Ben, who came to Latin in sixth grade, remarks, “I remember when I was first introduced to Latin at the Open House, and I enjoyed being able to experience it from the other side.” Open House would not be possible without the dedication and passion of Mr. Tebbens and the admissions office. From getting the word out to getting students involved, him and the admissions office are what make the Open House possible and subsequently bring amazing new students to our school. According to Mr. Tebbens at a meeting to student ambassadors before the Open House, he thinks that one of the many reasons Latin is so special is that so many students would volunteer their Sunday to represent their school for interested families. Though students may complain about Latin sometimes, Open House reminded everyone there how special Latin is. Personally, expressing what I love about Latin solidified how lucky I am to be a part of the community.]]>