A Tribute to the Class of 2016

Ella Katz From Billy’s “long block policy” to the convenience of having Starbucks directly across the street, this year’s seniors have many things they will miss about Latin, and the students and faculty have many things that they will miss about this year’s graduates.  Since they were innocent little junior kindergarteners back in 2002, the class of 2016 has always seemed to stand out. From Simon Ricci— a pure genius— to Hunter Dunn— who wrote her own play and managed to stage it— to Annabel Mendoza— the most approachable and caring person, each member of the Class of 2016 offers something refreshing to the Latin community. In return for everything they have given us, The Forum decided to show this year’s seniors what their teachers will miss most about them and showcase what the seniors will miss most about Latin. When asked what they will miss most about Latin, here is what the Class of 2016 responded with:

  1. Starbucks across the street
  2. Elly’s
  3. Ms. Dorer
  4. Ms. Hooker and how cute and unbelievably caring she is
  5. Latin Parker games
  6. Mr. MacArthur. Whatta guy.
  7. Project Week
  8. Seniority
  9. Tiparos Bubble Tea with tapioca
  10. Funny middle school and lower school stories
  11. The Lifer’s memories
  12. The small and intimate classes
  13. Blake Lasky’s class day speech. I will literally never forget it.
  14. How close we are with our teachers and how they view us as equals
  15. The amazing memories and opportunities project week has provided us with
  16. Outside class in the science center
  17. Pasta Bar
  18. Open announcements
  19. The sophomore booths
  20. Locker bays
  21. Spirit Fridays
  22. Senior Treat
  23. DJ fun
  24. Grade retreats
  25. Mulching
  26. Sour cherry snacks in the cafeteria
  27. ISPs and the ability to create our own classes— Latin has honestly given us so much freedom to learn what we’re actually interested in.
After hearing what the seniors will miss the most about Latin, I reached out to some teachers: Mr. Greer, Ms. McCarthy, and Mr. Lombardo, all of whom the seniors said that they felt a close relation to. It was very interesting to see what these three teachers will miss the most about the class of 2016 in comparison to what the class of 2016 will miss about the teachers: “I will miss seeing Matthew Neumeier’s head ducked behind his laptop for 50 minutes each class period,” said Mr. Greer.   “I think this article is even more fitting as I am also leaving Latin this year (I will be the Principal at St. John’s Prep in Collegeville, MN next year). I will miss hearing about their achievements and talents as well as having discussions with them when they make mistakes. I will miss their humor, their excitement, their indignation, and frustration. I will miss their smiling faces and tears. I have enjoyed serving as the Dean of the Class of 2016 and seeing them grow into the people they are today,” said Ms. McCarthy.   The last teacher I reached out to was Mr. Lombardo, who many seniors cited as the teacher that they shared the closest grade-wide bond with. Mr. Lombardo started by telling me, “I missed the class of 2016 when they were freshmen. I was in my sabbatical year and because I didn’t teach sophomores that year, I was afraid I wouldn’t get to know this class at all. But I took a sophomore advisory with the class of 2016 and I taught right outside the sophomore lounge, and I ended up getting to know the class pretty well.” I then asked Mr. Lombardo what specifically he would miss most about the soon to be graduates. He responded, “I’ll miss this class for its willingness to take on the challenge of literary scholarship. One of my Modern American Lit classes filled with juniors last year cheeredthey actually cheeredfor the discoveries we made reading e.e. Cummings’ “anyone lived in a pretty how town.” So many kids in this class grew on me in ways I hadn’t expected. There were so many layers. Class of 2016, you will always be in my heart.” The Class of 2016 has brought so much to this school. Through the seniors’ intelligence, athleticism, and overall love for Latin, especially the high school community, they have inspired us to be our best selves and take on new challenges. Although we all know that the Class of 2017 will make great seniors, it will be weird not having the class of 2016 in the hallways, cafeteria, and airing live streams in the library conference rooms. The Class of 2016 holds a place in the hearts of many students and faculty alike. Thank you, seniors, for all you have brought to our school. We can’t wait to see what you do, and where you go in life. The possibilities are endless. ]]>