Latin's Effect on Local Businesses


Noa Rosenberg One benefit of attending Latin is the open campus. On any given free or lunch period you can find a myriad of students visiting a number of businesses from the Starbucks on Clark to the Starbucks on North and everywhere in between. Not even to mention during the after school rush. Three locations stand out among the rest, however: the “Clark Street Trifecta” as some might call it. This, of course, consists of Potash, Elly’s, and Starbucks. Potash, a standby for after school snacks, drinks, and other assorted items, is always a refreshingly warm breath of air from the second you set foot through its sliding doors. It is said that 20 to 30 (or more) students visit Potash on an average school day, largely concentrated after school. “It’s great for business because it’s not like they just come around and hang out,” a Potash employee said. The sadly-soon-to-be-no-more Elly’s is a Latin staple for long-block pancakes or pre-play omelettes. According to multiple waiters and waitresses there, they are currently in their off-season which extends from New Year’s until April, but, nonetheless, quite a few Latin students come in on the daily. Even up to 100 some days! Perhaps the business most synonymous with Latin culture is none other than Starbucks, and it shows. Apparently, two thirds of their total business is based off of the Latin School. Not just students either, but parents and teachers as well. And one of the baristas said, “When [Latin students] aren’t here it makes it pretty slow.” Following the interview, being the thorough journalist that I am, I figured I’d support local businesses by making my own purchase. In the end, our school makes a huge impact on its surrounding establishments, and not just the ones listed here, but Tiparo’s, Potbelly, Chipotle and many more.]]>