Teacher of the Issue: Ms. Jeno

Mackenzie Guynn     IMG_4461   Ms. Jeno is a freshmen math teacher who is new to Latin this year. After leaving Bella Vista in Philadelphia, where she was raised, she went to college in Chicago and has stayed here ever since. Before coming to Latin, she taught Algebra 2, Precalculus, and Senior Math at DePaul College Prep. Now, at Latin, she mainly teaches freshmen Geometry, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2. However, she misses teaching Precalculus because “exploring different types of graphs is super fun.”   But math is not the only thing that she enjoys doing. She is an avid-runner; waking up at the crack of dawn each morning for a jog. She also loves mint chocolate chip ice cream, and if she could be any animal, Ms. Jeno said she would be an eagle. So far, during her time at Latin, she has found everyone to be “super friendly and welcoming,” especially those within her department. The math department is Ms. Jeno’s favorite part about Latin as she thinks her math colleagues are “the best!”   If you see Ms. Jeno in the halls, be sure to say “hi” and keep up her idea of Latin being welcoming and friendly. Don’t worry if you’re not math’s biggest fan, you can talk to her about her favorite ice cream flavor, hobbies, and her love for puppies over babies.  ]]>