Favorite Christmas Recipes from the Latin Community

With the upcoming winter break steadily approaching, an air of excitement is spreading through the hallways. Who wouldn’t be excited about spending time with their family, relaxing, watching Netflix, and staying in pajamas all day? One of my favorite parts about winter break is all the food and treats! Not only does food tend to bring people together, but it conjures up memories and feelings of happy times. So, Anika and I asked some students and teachers at Latin about a holiday meal and why it was special for them.   “One of my favorite things to eat during the holidays is coffee cake. Over the break, I have the luxury of sleeping in, staying indoors and lounging around. It’s such a guilty pleasure to just sit around and slowly absorb a newspaper, magazine, or work in my sketchbook while nursing a cup of coffee. Lopping off a small piece a sweet bread to balance the hot, bitter taste of the coffee makes me happy and reminds me of times when extended family would come together and do the same while the children opened presents” ­Mr. Haverland   For Christmas, my family and I prepare Tofurkey, green bean surprise, mashed potatoes, stuffing etc. It’s similar to the food we prepare for Thanksgiving, but it’s a tradition that my family has” ­Joyelle Van Eron (9)   “I look forward to sitting down for Christmas dinner with my closest family friends and and eating a mixture of Korean and American food. We use this time to reflect on the past year and get excited for the future” ­Lia Kim (10)   “Growing up, my grandmother would always make homemade ravioli, we would all enjoy it so much” ­ Ms. Diorio   One of Ms. Holloway’s favorite holiday desserts is a nice gluten free pumpkin pie.   Every Christmas Eve, Ms. Callis’ family makes a delicious Lobster Newburg from a recipe that has been passed down through the family.   All in all, make sure to give yourself a relaxing Winter break and don’t forget to treat yourself to your favorite holiday foods! You deserve it!]]>