Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

[/caption] Alex Chapman Features Editor The excess amount of decorations, stores being sold out of candy and promotion of scary movie marathons on TV every 15 seconds can only mean one thing: Halloween.  It’s coming up, which means you need to start thinking about what you’re going to be. Although for some of us the decision comes more naturally (Sexy Cheerleader or Sexy Nurse? Hmm..), many of us become stuck in a state of confusion, ultimately ending up being something we didn’t want to be or nothing at all. Check out some of these costume tips and see if this year you can do a little better then “guy wearing toga”. 1) Give yourself time to think: Since Halloween is right around the corner from the end of first quarter, we are generally just trying to recuperate from all the quizzes and tests of the previous week, and sometimes end up forgetting about Halloween altogether. So give yourself some time to think about your costume, as well as to go out and buy the necessary materials. Unless you’re incredibly creative (it’s ok if you’re not..you’re probably not), don’t leave your costume to chance! Give yourself time to make something you’ll actually enjoy wearing the whole weekend. 2) Location, Location, Location: Where you’ll be matters just as much as who you’re dressed as, so keep this in mind as you prepare. If you’re going to be helping out at your 7-year old sisters’ Halloween party, it may not be the best idea to go as Shakira. Remember, the best costume at the “Heavy-Metal Zombie Party” might be the worst at the kid-friendly neighborhood party. 3) Create a Budget: These days, Halloween is all a costume company has, and the ones you find at a Halloween warehouse try to get as much out of you as possible. (insert recession joke here.) That being said, you should try to see if making your own costume is a possibility, as it usually is. If you’re not exactly a craftsmen, so if one of your more creative friends would be interested in helping you out. Chances are that if somebody likes to sew, they’ll be more than happy to take up the challenge of helping you with your costume! Unless they don’t like you…then they’ll just awkwardly say no. Easy but funny costumes: Freudian Slip: Wear a sash/slip that says “Freud” on it. Holy Cow: Cow costume plus halo and wings! Nacho Libre: Cape and a mustache or luchador mask Risky Business: Ray-Bans, big white shirt, socks, and the ability to play air guitar Flavor Flav: All it takes is a big clock and a Viking helmet.]]>