The Worldly Roman

Josh Martin

Two Latin juniors have created a new language newspaper. Natalie Braun and MJ Porzenheim hope  “The Worldly Roman,” will inspire Latin students to engage in foreign languages outside of the classroom.

The co-heads hope to get a website like The Forum’s up and running for their paper, but there is no link as of yet.  “The paper will come out once a semester, and it will feature stories in all four of the languages that Latin teaches,” Braun says.  “The first issue will come out in November.”   The faculty advisors are Ms. Dragonetti and Mr. Friedman.

Each of the heads emphasized one thing very clearly: Anyone can write.  Students who are interested should contact Natalie, MJ, Ms. Dragonetti, or Mr. Friedman. The paper aims to cover a wide variety of topics but will likely focus on the writing more so than the story.  Braun explains, “For the first issue the articles [will] cover really anything that anyone wants to write about, but in the future we might just focus on current events.” Porzenheim states, “All of the articles will be in foreign languages except maybe the letter from the editor.  I don’t know if we will provide English translations as well.”

The Worldly Roman will help Latin students incorporate foreign languages into their daily life.  It is time to show what we have learned in the classroom and prove its real world applications.  This is a great first step for the language department. I hope to see more opportunities for showcasing our Latin education.