Locker Competitions?

Staff Writer At Latin, we are always looking for new ways to express ourselves and our interests — The Street for fashion, The Toga Party for satire, etc. But one easy, accessible way to express ourselves as high school students is often overlooked. We encounter it everyday, and yet, few people think of it beyond its most menial use. Lockers could be a unique means of expression, and with Dr. Williams new idea for a “locker competition,” they may finally get the school-wide interest they deserve. The idea for a locker competition was inspired by Dr. William’s experience teaching at a boarding school, and the dorm prizes they used to award. She realized the idea could translate to the Latin community after seeing a chandelier in an open locker on the third-floor. “I just thought that was so cool,” she said. As it happens, there is more than one chandelier hidden within the upper school’s lockers. Sophomore Catie Rose Pate also has one, which she installed “for the awesome mini dance party opportunities!” Are there more potential party venues in Latin lockers that have yet to be discovered? Could a locker competition really “unlock” some of these fun new spaces? Now I, like many Latin students I’m sure, would only be eligible for the “messiest” prize, and submitting a picture of my space sounds somewhat humiliating. But if not an incentive to do a little spring-cleaning, a contest seems a fun way to recognize the creative expression of others in our community. Latin has recently made efforts to improve the size and standard of its lockers, and a contest would be a fun way to take advantage of our first-rate locker realty. At Latin, we as a student body designate a lot of spots as “our space” –a hallway, a lounge, a dean’s office. We’ve placed cushions, couches, and other furnishings in these spaces to make them feel more like our own, to make them spaces we love. With a little creative effort– the kind possibly inspired by a locker competition–maybe we can turn our lockers into similar expressions of ourselves. While the details of the competition are still being organized, the Forum is a great place to get student and faculty input! Any suggestions for categories (sloppiest, most creative, neatest, etc.)? How should lockers be submitted and judged (shown at gathering and awarded by applause, monitored by the forum, etc.)? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions for the contest!]]>