Follow-Up: He's Alive!

Grace Ebach The impossible has happened: my own brother willingly called me today, and we talked for 25 minutes. I know, what happened? Honestly, the only thing that was going through my head the entire conversation was, “Is this really happening?” It’s not that I thought my brother would never call me, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon. I wasn’t expecting to talk to him until Thanksgiving. So for all those who would like to know how he’s doing, he’s amazing. I caught him midway through campaigning for Obama in Virginia, going door to door. He’s officially a ZBT brother, joining one of the only Jewish fraternities of George Washington University, I’d like to think in response to Catholic grade school and mass for 18 years. He takes no pity on me for being a junior, saying that he has 3-4 hours a day of homework, but that Latin has prepared him well. Not only did he tell me about his exciting college life, but he asked me about my classes, my advisory, the play, even my upcoming musical auditions. For lack of a better phrase, it was really nice to hear from him, to know that he genuinely wanted to talk to me and tell me about his life and inquire about mine. In wake of the hurricane that’s about to hit D.C, I’m a little worried for him, but confident that he’ll be safe and that I’ll be able to talk to him at Thanksgiving. As for me, well, I’m fine, the same as always- I’ll just be walking around school a tad bit happier than usual, knowing that I’m occasionally on my brother’s mind. [Note from the editor: click here to read Grace’s first article about losing siblings to college.]]]>