Heard At Latin

Amy Balmuth & Grace Brandt Guest Writers Inspired by Time Out’s “Heard on the Street”, we’ve compiled these tidbits of wisdom overheard at Latin. We hope you enjoy these unintentional witticisms just as we have!   I’m definitely being a surrogate mother for, like, eight people.   I would have been happy about Michelle if I hadn’t wasted all my happiness on Phyllis.   I was watching videos of pregnant women walking last night.   So Jesus impregnated Mary, right?   I’ve never felt so out of place as I did in Normal, Illinois.   When I’m being mocked, I feel like I’m in a room full of clowns and I can’t get out. And I hate clowns.   I don’t have the luxury of fast-forwarding through commercials, so instead I’m stuck watching them- but the talking baby ones are almost better than Vampire Diaries.   Should we buy ourselves some candy and then hide it and then give it to ourselves?   All I want is a baby turtle named Hans.   I need to write a French essay about nice things I’ve done. Even if I did do nice things, would I be able to write about them in French? No.   I had a dream with a faceless man once!   There were serious geniuses on my tour- they were planning to major in, like, Biomedical Chinese. I spent the whole info session not listening and trying to figure out what that was, but then my dad told me they were two separate things.   Realtalk, you look like Aunt Jemima.   Yum, I love taco salad. Thug life.   We just read about a goat dying- she had a fight with a wolf and then died. This is so depressing.]]>