What's In? Sperry Topsiders and Detention

Brittany Kraff Staff Writer With the return of white jeans, one can tell that summer is fast approaching. As the weather changes, so do the trends. Some of these trends are clearly visible in the halls of Latin. You can’t go far without spotting some Sperry topsiders walking down the hall. But the more modern fad, Tom’s shoes, are also taking over. You may have seen their advertising campaign: TOM’S SHOES – One for One. The slogan is referring to the company’s benevolent business proposition. With every pair of Tom’s shoes purchased, the company donates a pair of shoes to underprivileged kids in third-world countries. Not only are the shoes comfortable, but the donation makes it even more appealing. Make sure to find those shirts with the “in” colors. Pastels and neutrals are seen everywhere. There are many trends of the season, like denim shirts, and shirts with lace embellishments. However, many are prohibited at school due to dress code. Unfortunately, Bermudas are not in style this season, and many girls cant find anything to wear as the temperature rises.  All shorts made are too short for school’s dress code so jeans seem to be the only option. Luckily for us Lady Romans, jean companies decided on a new creation this year: the “jegging”. Although we are all very grateful to not have uniforms, the whole purpose of expressing ourselves is diminished with all the rules emplaced on us. It’s hard to keep track of all the new rules since they are constantly being altered. As I don’t see the dress code changing any time soon, we better bring those Bermudas back in style unless we want to spend our Saturday mornings in detention!]]>