Musical Awakening

Samantha Fifield and Blaike Young Staff Writers Music festivals like Ultra, Coachella, and Lollapalooza are hot tickets for teenagers around the globe. Even at Latin, the halls are filled with talk about upcoming artists. But why the hype? When so many admired artists come together in one place over the course of two to three days, it’s easy to understand why so many people rush to get tickets. In addition to being able to watch their favorite artists perform live, music festivals give teenagers the chance to branch out of the radio music bubble and experience new sounds and sights. Ultra, a three-day outdoor music festival in Miami, is known for its electronic vibe and explosive energy. Fusing international and American DJs and artists, it provides an experience like no other. People’s attire is always an attraction in its own right, but that would be expected at a concert filled with people bedecked in glitter and neon garb. While people often associate this festival with drug and alcohol use, Ultra’s focus is really on appreciating the performances and the ambiance of the outdoor stages. Coachella, a three-day – and newly two weekend – music festival near Palm Springs, California brings together both indie and electronic artists. Keeping with tradition, they allow people to camp out onsite for easy access on the days of the event. Coachella ranges from solo guitarists to the intense backbeat of electronic artists, but overall, the atmosphere of Coachella is far more relaxed than that of Ultra. Coachella is also known to bring a large celebrity population, something that certainly adds to the hype of the event. Lollapalooza, a three-day, outdoor music festival held here in Chicago’s Grant Park, is the happy medium between Ultra and Coachella. Lolla is known for hosting more mainstream artists like Eminem, Coldplay, and Cee Lo Green, while still crafting a lineup featuring a variety of indie and electronic artists. This year’s impressive lineup has headliners like The Black Keys, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath, and Jack White. While Ultra and Coachella are very large, Lollapalooza is more spread out on various stages in Grant Park, which allows more artists to play at the same time. As well, Lollapalooza’s location allows it to be both accessible to many of the teenagers living in area and also the international community. Many of Latin students consider this festival to be one of their summers’ highlights. The hype of these music festivals is a combination of the music, the vibe, and the overall experience of attending sprawling concerts with eclectic crowds. With Coachella this weekend and the Lollapalooza lineup just released, there is no shortage of festival activity in April.]]>