Hilary for America

Chris Maurice Managing Editor  We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.” -Hillary Clinton Let’s tax the billionaires. Let’s eliminate student debt at public colleges and universities. Let’s get the money out of politics. Bernie Sanders isn’t the only candidate who thinks it is time to solve these problems; Hillary Clinton is a leader in the fight for change, and as President, she will address the issues that face our nation because she has the experience, leadership, and ideas this country needs. She is the best choice for President of the United States. After graduating from Yale Law School, Clinton joined the Children’s Defense Fund, going door-to-door in New Bedford, Massachusetts, gathering stories about the lack of schooling for children with disabilities. Because of her work, Massachusetts passed historic legislation that required the state to provide quality education for students with disabilities. As first lady of Arkansas, Clinton worked to improve education and healthcare in a state that had a high population in poverty. Her work didn’t stop there; Clinton continued to fight for change as First Lady of the United States and Secretary of State. Clinton has the work ethic and experience to lead the nation. In order to continue the growth of the economy, Clinton believes that working families should get a tax relief to help manage the rising costs of living, that by investing in infrastructure, clean energy, and scientific and medical research we can heal the broken nation, and that corporations pay their fair share in taxes by closing tax loopholes. “Tax the Billionaires” gets a lot more applause and votes than “tax the middle class.” Though Bernie Sanders plans to pay for all his proposals by increasing the tax rate for billionaires—just as Clinton and nearly every other democratic candidate since the New Deal has— what is unknown to many voters is that Sanders has also called for raising taxes on working class Americans, which could end up hurting the economy and working class citizens. According to the Tax Foundation, an independent tax policy research organization, though Federal revenue would increase under both Clinton and Sanders’s tax plans, under Senator Sanders’s plan GDP would fall 9.5% in the long term, whereas under Secretary Clinton’s plan GDP would only fall 1%. Hillary Clinton’s college plan will make attending college less of a burden on students while changing the course of higher education. Sanders’s website states that he “wants to make tuition free at public colleges and universities.” With college tuition rising faster than the rate of inflation, and students buried under hundreds of thousands in debt who wouldn’t want to make college free? But Sanders’s plan isn’t perfect: “Now, I’m a little different from those who say free college for everybody. I am not in favor of making college free for Donald Trump’s kids. I am in favor of making college free for your grandson by having no debt tuition,” Clinton said at a town hall meeting. Even though Donald Trump’s kids all went to private schools, Clinton’s point that if Trump’s kids did go to public universities, under Sanders’s plan, they wouldn’t have to pay for their tuition is correct. Clinton’s college plan allows students to refinance their loans at a lower interest rate, stops the government from profiting off student loans, and provides an income-based repayment program so that borrowers never have to pay more than 10 percent of their income towards student loan repayment. Some believe that Wall Street is buying Hillary, when in fact it was these members of Wall Street who helped elect Barack Obama to office. Receiving money from Wall Street didn’t stop President Obama from passing Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform, which prevents a 2008-like recession from occurring again. President Obama was able to crack down on fraud and corruption even though it was members of Wall Street that were fighting against Dodd-Frank, and I know Hillary Clinton will be able to do the same. Unfortunately, there are members of Congress that can be bought, and Clinton has a plan to reform campaign finance: overturn Citizens United, end the secret, unaccountable money in politics, and establish a small-donor program to intensify the voices of all Americans. Clinton also has ambitious plans to combat climate change, gun control, Alzheimer’s disease, and yes, even income inequality. Clinton has the endorsements of 152 Representatives, 39 senators, and 12 Governors. Sanders has two representatives endorsing him, one from Minnesota and one from Arizona. Both Clinton and Sanders bring great ideas to the table, but Hillary Clinton is the clear choice to lead this nation into a new decade of growth and prosperity. She will bring new ideas and changes this country has gone too long without seeing: equal pay for women, a broken criminal justice system, the money in politics, our warming planet. Hillary Clinton may not have a hip slogan, but she has the best ideas to propel this country forward, not backward. Read all of Secretary Clinton’s positions here https://www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/]]>