A Recap of Parker Homecoming

El Buchanan  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Parker’s home field and you could feel the rivalry in the air. Latin filled the seats of Parker with orange and blue and Roman pride. Arriving at the field, you could see the orange and blue on the left side of the field and the crowd was ready for the games.  The first game of the afternoon was field hockey. The two teams were evenly matched and no goals were scored. It was 0-0 and the game went to overtime, and again no goals were scored. Senior, Lila Patinkin said, “You could feel all the energy on the field.” The game went to “one v. one’s” which is when the shooter gets 10 seconds to make a goal with just the goalie as defense. The romans sent up their 5 best shooters: Natalie Pontikes 16’, Julia Nadler 16’, Emma Hyer 18’, Keegan Barone 16’, and Talia Smith 19’. The Parker goalie was showing no sign of slowing down until Julia Nadler was up, pulling left from the goalie then hitting it in with the romans winning shot. The final score was 1-0 with Emma Goldberg 17’ (goalie) not letting a single shot in. After the long, hard-fought game, the boys’ varsity soccer team was up. As Junior Alden Sulger put it, “playing against Parker is unlike any game during the year.” Anyone watching could see the rivalry in the way the two teams were playing. Latin dominated the game when in the first half, senior Aidan Cozzi ripped a ball from outside of the box for a goal. The romans ended up winning the game 1-0 with only a handful of shots on the Latin goal. Every Latin vs. Parker event is always exciting and last Saturday did not disappoint. Make sure you come out and support the two teams this Saturday for our homecoming at the Lincoln Park turf!]]>