New Carpeting Takes Over

Tina Czaplinska Staff Writer The black and spotted carpets that cover Latin’s floor have had a good run. Kevin Bohlig, Latin’s Director of Maintenance, declares change is afoot. And while they usually go unnoticed by the students, they have been causing quite the uproar recently. For those that are unaware, Latin is in the process of changing carpets. With failing carpet glue, a carpet change is deemed mandatory. “Latin’s current carpet has had a good seven or eight year run,” claims Bohlig,  “and now we are in the process of installing a new one.” The word ‘process’ is an immense understatement for a procedure that spans up to five years. That seems a little much for just picking fabric but there is a lot that Bohlig and his team has to take into consideration. Each design taken that strikes any sort of appeal must be tested in a room. These rooms are called mock rooms. “We try to pick a carpet that pops a little bit, but not too much since this is school,” explains Bohlig. Interestingly, Bohlig and his personnel were really looking forward to student input. Remember all of those carpet squares in Gallery II outside of the Admission’s Office? Bohlig put the samples next to the wall in hopes that students would post notes next to the carpet they enjoyed the most. Unfortunately, due to the fact that getting the word out was difficult, students were rather confused about the entire ordeal. Granted, for the most part, most students were very indifferent about the subject. When asked what she thought of the carpet, Shelby Brody claimed that “it [matched] my outfit today.” Some students, however, notice the change and are affected. Nick Lehman decided that he “just didn’t see a need for a change in the carpet and the one [in 501] was just disgusting and distracting.” Ellie Williams on the other hand thought that the carpet in room 305 “brightened the room.” Regardless of the mishaps, Kevin Bohlig hopes to “do little portions at a time and try to get a carpet that matches with everything.”]]>