Romannet vs. Assignment Notebooks

[/caption] Rachel Stone Staff Writer Romannet has quickly joined the ranks of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter as one of the most commonly used Internet sensations among Latin students. Most teachers and students use it as a crutch for homework assignments (posting and remembering respectively), and it has been used more resourcefully as a means to post links, pictures, news blurbs, and eco-friendly online handouts. I have praised it when it conveniently remembered my English essay due date, (and have cursed it for the same reason). All in all, it has been a creative way to connect the school in an effortless way. Even so, this poses as many problems as it solves. I, for one, have become a victim of the confusion and uncertainty generated by this electronic revolution, and many would agree. Teacher’s romannet policies are as diverse as the subjects they teach; everyone knows that teacher who neglects to post the assignment (leaving you to quickly call all of your friends who might have actually paid attention). And to complete the catch 22, I’m sure everyone has noticed that the teacher’s new slogans have become “I’ll post the homework on romannet.” Simultaneously, these issues have combined to create a source of many frustrated sighs (and at least one rhetorical “Really?”) For the majority of the computer-dependant population, this has not been a problem. Yet for those without Internet access, those who have had their computers banned, and for those overachievers who just want to start their homework on the car ride home, this Internet dependency has become a problem. “I’ve had so many teachers only post the homework on romannet that my planner has been empty for a month,” says one 9th grader. Does this mean the end of common assignment note taking as we know it? Will Latin’s student body become completely internet-dependant? Following the footsteps of the kindle, will assignment-notebooks lose their pen and paper integrity? Will forgetting homework no longer be an appropriate excuse?? The result is up to us.]]>