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Athlete of the Issue: Liv Gwilliam

May 25, 2016

MacKenzie Guynn At the age of five, Olivia Gwilliam started playing soccer with her dad, who at the time was her AYSO coach. Four years later, she started playing for Team Evanston until she switched clubs last year to FC Unite...

Athlete of the Issue: Natalie Pontikes

April 17, 2016

By Eleanor Pontikes Natalie wasn’t always the fearless athlete she is today. 12 years ago, she was struggling to score, or even get a foot on the ball in her AYSO soccer games by the Chicago lakefront. So, our parents did what any parent would do to help the...

Sports and Superstition

March 1, 2016

Madeline Cohen Latin knows about game day. Latin knows about the score of the soccer game, and who won the basketball game, and what track and field runner is heading down to state. But so much goes into each sport before ...

Athlete of the Issue: Victoria Lansing

February 3, 2016

Bianca Voss For the past fourteen years, Victoria Lansing has been working hard on the ice at her passion: figure skating. She started skating when she was four, and she loves the sport due to its challenging and elegant na...

Latin Basketball Update

February 3, 2016

Cameron Cozzi At Latin many sports are offered each season. During the Winter students have the option to join the basketball, ice hockey, swimming, or squash team.  With big wins for the boys’ and girls’ basketball t...

Athlete(s) of the Issue: Ben Krambeck and Izz Hernandez

January 18, 2016

El Buchanan When watching a Boy’s Varsity Basketball game you may have noticed two new faces: freshmen Izz Hernandez and Ben Krambeck. The 4th and 5th freshmen in Latin history to make Boy’s Varsity Basketball, both Ben and ...

Fantasy Football: Nothing More than Glorified Gambling?

December 2, 2015

By Jacob Cummis “If you own a television, you cannot have missed their ads,” said the host of the Sunday night HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, leading off his twenty minute rant on daily fantasy sports, somethin...

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