Letter From the Editors: 11/15/2015


Dear Readers, This past Friday, the world was shaken by tragedies that seem to have become all too common. From Beirut to Iraq to Kenya to Paris, our fabric of life has been torn by those who threaten our freedom and peace. In the days that have followed, we have heard stories of extraordinary heroism and harrowing stories of survival. Within the walls of our hallways and classrooms, we have listened to debates about the issues that our world faces: from refugees to social media activism to ISIS. We at the Forum hope to live up to our name and provide a space where students can discuss the issues that they feel are necessary to be discussed. After going through the edition, comment below on the events that transpired last week. More specifically, we’d love to hear your ideas on the unequal amount of press coverage given to the tragedies that took place outside of Paris. Thank you, Brianna and Johnny]]>