Snacks with Mack: Earl’s Kitchen and Bar


MacKenzie Guynn

Happy Spring! I know you’ve probably all been dying for an edition of Snacks with Mack, and I do apologize for my brief hiatus, but the wait is over. This edition, I will be talking about Earl’s Kitchen + Bar. Traditionally a Canadian chain, (don’t hold it against them) Earl’s has quickly spread throughout the country. Its Chicago location is in the New City complex on Halsted, a very convenient location for anyone living in Lincoln Park. As the weather, hopefully, continues to get better, they have a great space for outdoor seating and often have live music to spice up the ambiance. The inside has its own fun vibe, with an open-air kitchen and a lounge area, as well.

In terms of food, they have anything and everything you may want concerning American food. To be honest, I personally have only had the garlic or truffle fries to share as an appetizer, both of which are really quite good, but the rest of the starters range from chicken wings to chips and guacamole. Moving onto the main courses, there are almost too many options to list. You can’t go wrong with the ribs, if you’re willing to get a little dirty, and if you’re not, they have a wide selection of soups, salads, pizza, bowls, and burgers for you to choose from. If you are a vegetarian and you think that nothing that I just listed would suffice for you, don’t worry. They have a whole section of their menu called “plant-based” that is just for you. There are rice bowls, tacos, an impossible burger, and several other items for you to choose from.

All in all, this place has something for everyone, especially if you have a picky sibling or friend. It also simply has great comfort food and is a perfect spot for grabbing dinner with friends before heading to a late showing of Avengers: Endgame at ArcLight.