Snacks w/ Mack: Greek Food


Matt Armendariz

MacKenzie Guynn If you’re ever in the mood for Greek food, Greek Town is always a safe bet. The neighborhood is situated just west of I-90 and is centered on S Halsted. Once there, I recommend going to Greek Islands located at 200 S Halsted. I will admit it may be a little overwhelming when you walk in since there is typically a wait, especially during dinner. However, there are mints and a display of fresh octopus for you to look at while you wait, which definitely helps pass the time. The hostess will call your name or your buzzer will vibrate, signaling that a table has opened up for you. The menu is the next obstacle. Everything on it is delicious, but navigating it can be hard. It has at least four pages stock full of possibilities. Some of my staples are the spreads, including hummus, tzatziki, and melitzanosalata among others, and the lemon and egg soup (formally called Avgolemono) to start. For the main course, kebabs and any specials that look good would do the trick. Each dish comes with a side of either rice with a creamy tomato sauce baked into it or potatoes cooked in butter, which pair well with anything and are delicious. These are some of my favorites, but you truly can’t go wrong; it’s all about choosing the path you want to take. There are options for a meat-heavy meal; there are options for a vegetarian meal, and many more in between. For any of you who have seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” Greek Islands has many parallels with that movie. The staff is more than accommodating in helping you navigate the menu and they will never let you leave if you aren’t full beyond belief. All in all, I’ve never been disappointed with my dining experience at Greek Islands and can comfortably say it serves my favorite Greek Food in Chicago. ]]>