Overheard @ Latin


Have you ever walked through the hallways of the Latin Upper school and overheard something particularly strange? Funny? Kind? Below is a new collection of overheard quotes from the halls of our very own high school. Enjoy, and feel free to send your own overheard quotes to [email protected] and [email protected] for a chance to be included in the next issue!   Freshman #1: Ugh I’m so hungry, I ate like a pilgrim this morning. Freshman #2: What’d you have? Freshman #1: Strawberries. Freshman #2: How is that eating like a pilgrim? Freshman #1: Um…pilgrims eat strawberries. Duh.”   __   “You think I’m wearing those shoes during finals week? Finals week is crocs only.” __   Student #1: I can’t go, I’ve already seen that movie. Student #2: It isn’t out yet. Student #1: Yeah but I saw the preview, so it’s like, been there done that.” __   “You think Micah did it? We have to check his pulse to make sure he’s even alive!” __   “I cried all my makeup off last night so I didn’t have to wash my face this morning.” __   “Frees are my escape from the hell of high school.” __   Student #1: Incest runs in my family. Student #2: …let’s unpack that. __   Freshman #1: Someone liked me? Freshman #2: I know, it was a shock to all of us.   __   “I’m the ultimate little spoon!”  ]]>