MLB Predictions

The beginning of the 2018 MLB season has already been a fun one to watch. There have been some sleeper teams, teams that are expected to make it big, and some teams that already seem like a bust. The American League is filled with the most amount of teams expected to make it big this season. The New York Yankees, a power house team with a lineup that doesn’t skip a beat, is one prime example. Mr. Tebbens’ Boston Red Sox started off the season red hot, but have now cooled down a bit. The defending World Series champion’s, the Houston Astros, also look very solid overall. The National League, however, has some new teams emerging that are expected to make the playoffs less than the normal perennial postseason teams. The Atlanta Braves lead their division with standout performances from their prospects. The Diamondbacks have developed into one of the NL’s strongest teams with help from a shutdown bullpen and great production from their lineup. As for my predictions for this year’s playoffs, they are bold, to say the least. Starting with the American League East, I believe that the Yankees will keep up their current hot streak and finish the season with a 99-63 record, which will put them atop the division. Coming in second in the division—and with the first wild card spot—I have the Boston Red Sox winning 87 of their 162 games, giving them an 87-75 record. The rest of the division will not produce playoff caliber teams. That being said, the Blue Jays will most likely finish third in the division with a 75-87 record. The Rays will finish 71-91, and the Orioles will finish the division off with a 62-100 season. In the American League Central, it is the Cleveland Indians who will run away with the division. Similar to my predictions for the Red Sox, they will finish the season with a record around 85-77. The Twins will finish after and miss the wild card, ending their season with a 81-81 record. Next comes the Kansas City Royals, finishing 71-91, then the Chicago White Sox, finishing 70-92, and finally, the Detroit Tigers, coming in at 69-93. For the American League West, (and here is where my predictions get bold) I think the Angels will win the series, finishing with a record of 95-67. The Houston Astros will take the second wild card spot and finish the season at 93-65, barely missing the division title. The Oakland Athletics and Mariners will tie for third place at 80-82. And the Rangers will finish it off with a respectable 70-92 record. Despite their early season “hiccup” it is the Nationals who will finish first in the National League East with a 92-70. The Braves will find themselves just one game shy of a wild card slot, but will ultimately end up missing the playoffs at 83-79. The Phillies will hold third place, finishing 78-84, the Mets will land at 75-87, and lastly, the Marlins will come in at 67-95. As for the Central, the Chicago Cubs will win the division with a record of 94-66. With the first wild card spot, the Brewers finish next with an 89-73. The Cardinals will finish one game behind the second wild card, like the Braves, and finish 83-79. Next come the Pirates, finishing 81-81. Bringing up the rear will be the Reds, finishing 69-93. Now things start to get tricky once you enter the West. I think the Diamondbacks will win the division while a 91-71 record. The Rockies will clinch the second wild card spot on the last day of the season, finishing 84-78. Then, the Dodgers will find themselves finishing at 80-82, the Giants at 70-92, and finally, the Padres at 61-101. During the American League Wild Card game, the Astros will come out on top, going on to play the New York Yankees in the American League Division Series. After a four games series, the Yankees will beat the Astros in the ALDS. The Astros beat the Yankees last year in the American League Championship Series, so the Yankees will undoubtedly be seeking revenge in the ALDS. In the other division series matchup, the Angels will beat the Indians in five games. While the Indians will have a good series, Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout will be too much for the team to handle and overcome. The American League Championship Series will have the Yankees and Angels, with the Yankees sweeping the Angels and advancing to the World Series. There is not much to this matchup because the Yankees are simply a better team than the Angels. In the National League Wild Card Game, the Brewers will defeat the Rockies. The Brewers, especially at home, will take this game with ease, and go onto play the Chicago Cubs in the National League Division Series. It is the Cubs who will then beat the Brewers in the NLDS and advance to the NLCS. The Cubbies will have a great series, with everyone meshing together in just the right way. Unfortunately for the Brewers, their series will not end on as positive of a note.   Lastly, we will see the Diamondbacks and Nationals battling it out for a chance to advance in the playoffs. I think this series will go all five games. The DBacks will win it on a walk-off and celebrate in their center field pool. Bryce Harper will still struggle to bring his team past the NLDS, as his team will loses once again. At the end of a tense six games, the Cubs will beat the Diamondbacks in the NLCS with Kris Bryant coming up huge for the team, playing his best games when it matters most. Finally, for the 2018 World Series, I have the New York Yankees taking on the Chicago Cubs. This series will be one for the ages. I expect that this series will go to seven games, and that despite the effort put up by the Cubs, the Yankees will win it. The Yanks have the maturity and the talent to take the World Series. Their lineup doesn’t lack anywhere, and they have the best bullpen in the league. The Cubs lack the bullpen strength the Yankees have, and in previous fall classics, the bullpen has been the deal breaker. The strength of the Yankees lineup cannot be matched, and the Yankees will be crowned the 2018 World Series Champions, which will mark their 28th World Series title, the most in MLB history.  ]]>