Interview with Mr. Joyce: A Glimpse at Him

By Noa Rosenberg   The Forum interviewed one of Latin’s most interesting teachers this week, Mr. Joyce, to talk about his new part-time stint at school and his plans for the future, among other things. When asked what his favorite class to teach was, he replied, “My favorite class to teach is English 10. I love the short story unit, the personal essay unit, and sophomore year in general. I’ve never taught freshman, and the other levels are great in their own way, but I think 10th grade gives our students a little more leeway to wander and explore their passions with a bit more confidence than they did the year before. Each year the 10th graders help me reinterpret the material, it never gets boring.” Then, it was on to the topic of the day, his plans. He said, “I’m trying to finish my degree in nonfiction writing through Bennington College. If all goes as planned, I’ll be graduating on June 26th… The process entails writing a bucket of essays, giving a breathtaking lecture on some obscure aspect of the nonfiction narrative, and making sure I don’t miss my taxi from Albany airport to Bennington. Throw in some basement shows, grading, Aldi brand coffee, a long arm stapler, and that’s my life.” But what about after that? He stated that he, “… [wants] to read every Ramones autobiography ever written. This is no simple feat—Dee Dee Ramone alone has composed four books. I’d also like an apartment with radiators and in-unit laundry. That and maybe put together a self-publishing workshop somewhere in the school. It would be cool if our student writers could have some support to design and print their own chapbooks and zines.” Regarding any upcoming Joyce novels he replied, “My friend Vicky and I are writing buddies and we try to give each other ideas for projects. Earlier this year she had a dream about my nonexistent book. In the dream, the book was cooking in a microwave. Its title was The Tears of Jim Joyce. But I think maybe someone else can use that one. In reality, I only have enough coherent writing to fill about 90 pages. Maybe in another three years I’ll be ready?” Lastly, he wants people to know that, “… I love my department and sharing the courses with my students. Being in school while teaching is a wild ride, but everyone has been supportive and inspiring.”]]>