Letter From the Editors: 12/15/15

Well, it is finally here.

Just one more week left and then we’re on Winter Break! It doesn’t look like it typically does right before Winter Break, which is when it usually begins to snow on a regular basis and Christmas lights reflect off the patches of snow that gather on the sidewalk. But, hey, break is break.

And we the FORUM implore you NOT to freak out about Finals. Yes they’re stressful. Yes they seem like the worst thing ever. But they don’t determine everything!! Read Olivia Baker and Jessica (KUBES)’s article about what you should do this week to make Finals less stressful!

And in addition to that article, we have a bunch more fantastic articles on Latin students’ obsession with what lies in their mailboxes, fun Christmas recipes, crazy changes to the Latin Student Handbook over the years, and many more!

Also, don’t forget to comment on the “Room for Debate” about Health and Wellness at Latin!

So take a study break, scroll through the Forum (oh and check out Mr. McArthur’s amazing article), and get to bed early tonight. Remember to eat a good breakfast in the morning and be confident going into your exams. You’re gonna crush them!

Best of luck,

Johnny and Brianna