Winter Ball: How Will It Be Different Than Homecoming?

MacKenzie Guynn Going into high school, the renowned homecoming dance was supposed to be the “first real high school experience.” It was something that was glorified by many high schoolers before me. But it is unfortunately something that I have not gone to yet. Due to a regatta in Wisconsin, I was unable to attend the Homecoming dance this year. At first, I was sad about missing the first high school dance of my four years. However, after I came home, my friends’ accounts of the night revealed the true summary of the homecoming dance: a somewhat awkward gathering with senior DJs and a dance floor. The next question on everyone’s mind, or at least mine, is what will Winter Ball be like? After talking about his experience at homecoming, Nick Schuler mentioned his view that the homecoming venue “lacked space” and “felt very crowded.” However, he did liked the “way it was scheduled.” For his first homecoming, it was “pretty good,” but a change in venue for Winter Ball will make it even better than Homecoming.   Keegan Barone, our social chair, is in charge of planning all school dances. She has taken all of the feedback into consideration and is planning on making changes in every aspect that was brought to her attention. She has “found a space that solves all of the major problems.” It is a big room with, hopefully no awkward spacing. “There are private bathrooms, little special surprises that students can enjoy,” and “a giant deck, that come with the space.” Looks like this is going to be a fun night not only for Nick but all of us. In addition to the change of venue, changes in the admission fee and max volume for music are going to be implemented so that the DJs can “turn the music as loud as their little hearts desire” as Keegan explained it. Keegan added that there will be “bartenders serving drinks, including a signature non alcoholic drink of our choice,” just to add a little sparkle to our nights. Homecoming might not have fulfilled all of our hopes and dreams, but Winter Ball is bound to be a great time! ]]>