Thank You Romans!

(Note: Submitted by anonymous members of the Latin community) I’d like to thank Callum Bondy for always being the guy to crack the best jokes during a bad day. Shoutout to Rishav for being one of the funniest guys around and having the best sense of fashion of any of us. Thanks to Allegra for being a beast on the volleyball court. Thanks to Ian Cummins for always making gatherings eventful and for saying hi to everyone in the hallways and always holding doors open. Thank you Sumina for always having a warm smile on your face and being a loyal friend. Brianna deserves to be thanked just for being Bri Yance. Thank you to Victoria Lansing for setting an example to underclassmen on what it looks like to be both a successful student and caring friend. Ben Bellick, thanks for your band and your awesome music! I’d like to thank Ms. Shandling for always setting up our chemicals for science class and being a great substitute when our teacher is sick. Thanks to Henry Markarian for having such an outgoing personality and being fun to hang out with! Thanks to Jessica Ziegler for being such an awesome dancer. Eva Nikitovik, your voice is amazing! Thanks so much for performing at gathering! Thank you Olivia Baker for being one of the hardest workers I know. Joyelle is one of the most caring and happy people I’ve ever met and has been a great friend ever since I’ve come to Latin. Thanks Eddy Lee for helping me that one time with a math problem. Madison Gilbreth deserves every good thing. Nick Baker is as agile as a young fish. Thanks! Thanks Alexa Ramirez for being so kind!!! Thank you Indigo Stelian for being as wise as my grandfather, but prettier. ]]>