To the Sophomores:

Here is some advice from the Resendiz advisory!

  1.     Clean up after yourselves.
  2.     Don’t kick freshmen out of the booths.
  3.     Be polite.
  4.     Talk to your teachers.
  5.     Plan ahead for your service hours!
  6.     Find a place to do your service hours, form a relationship & commit.
  7.     If you’re absent, email your teachers and stay on top of your work.
  8.     Start caring about the material before the last month of school.
  9.     Be nice to and get to know people from other grades (especially freshmen).
  10. Get your gym credits in.
  11. Join girls’ swimming! They need you!
  12. Don’t do a sport just to get out of gym.
  13. Don’t do a play just for fun. It’s a lot of work.
  14. Go to clubs and participate in extra-curricular activities.
  15. Talk to the counselors!
  16. Don’t think about college.
  17. Make an announcement at gathering if you can!
  18. Public speaking is an important skill.
  19. Take academic risks.
  20. Try to plan something for your summer.
  21. Value your education.
  22. Don’t be afraid to friend upperclassmen on facebook!
Most importantly, sophomore year is the best time to be brave – you’re not new, you’re not thinking about college, and you’re not a senior. We support you and our arms are wide open should you need anything. Much love from: Alex, Natalie, Christine, Maddie, Olivia, Iz, Maat, Campbell, and Ms. Resendiz   To the Sophomores: Sophomore year is probably the most relaxed year of high school. However, it’s easy to get too relaxed. You have the free time to figure out what you truly enjoy doing and who you are, not just as a student, but also as a person, TAKE ADVANTAGE. It’s a year to explore. Feel free to take time playing with time management, fastest routes in the school, studying + note taking skills, etc. This is the year you develop the habits you’ll use for the rest of High School. Make sure you’re still challenging yourself academically, athletically and in other aspects of your life; obviously, still within reach. Also, make sure you treat the Freshmen well, you’ll travel with them throughout your careers here.  All-in-all, make sure you respect your education, your peers, and your time here. From, The Baer Advisory   Dear Sophomores, Here are a few tips from a group of Juniors about your sophomore year:
  1. Chemistry gets easier during second semester
  2. Sign up for lots of clubs during the Clubs Fair
  3. Get gym and arts credits taken care of early
  4. Sophomore year is challenging, work hard and take it seriously
  5. Eat Lunch!
  6. Don’t let social activities get in the way of your school work
  7. Get involved in extracurriculars, if you’re busy, you’d better organized.
From, The Gifford Advisory   To the Sophomore class: Here is some advice for your upcoming year! –Just like freshmen year – it’s chill. Enjoy it. –Don’t think you’re an upperclassman. –C’s get degrees. –Plan out your gym credits and performing arts credits!!!! Don’t wait!!! –Don’t worry about college counseling – wait til you get there. –Enjoy your history elective. Take what you like not what you think looks good. The Hennessy Advisory   Dear Class of 2018, Be proactive! Email your teachers when you need help, they will respond. Everything will be okay. Get some elective credits done. And have a fun year!   Ms. Cochran’s Advisory Advice for sophomores from Mr. Bower’s advisory: Try to take electives in your sophomore year, especially art. Use your free time wisely (i.e. free periods) Keep your tests from all classes- this piece of advice was unanimous among our advisory. Have a great year!   Dear Sophomores, Get excited for this year! Here is some advice to help you through it: It helps to do your homework on time. Make sure you make good study habits this year because you’ll need them Junior and Senior year and on Meet with your teachers as often as possible If you have to opportunity, make use of LR Use your free periods for being productive and getting work done, especially if you’re in sports or extra-curriculars. –The Woods Advisory   To the Class of 2018: Here are some points of advice to help you with your second year in high school!
  1. Enjoy your year but remember to pay attention to grades
  2. Be social!
  3. Get your credits over with this year. It’s the best year to do it because you’re not dealing with the difficulty of Junior year academics or Freshmen year transitions
  4. Take advantage of the freedom you have to choose your classes.
  5. Challenge yourself to prepare for Junior year: it’s only one year away!
  6. Chem gets harder. Listen in class! And lab reports count for A LOT
  7. Join clubs!
  8. Get service done early. Trust us. We know from experience that waiting until May is no good. Get in a service routine with one or two organizations
  9. No matter how hard you study for finals they’re still hard.
Good Luck! Mr. McArthur’s Advisory   Dear Sophomores, Congrats on making it past your first year of high school! Sophomore year gets more serious as you embark on darker, more serious topics.  Here are some words of wisdom from our advisory: –       Be nice to freshmen –       Clean up after yourself in the cafeteria – the booth is a privilege, not a right! –       Be proactive with your teachers – meet with them and ask questions to clarify assignments –       Make sure you choose your second semester History class well – choose with maturity –       Appreciate the things you learn and the quality speakers that Latin provides –       Find a good service organization that you like and are committed to early in the year – don’t put off doing your 20 service hours until the end. Do them with the same organization – you will get more out of the program! –       Make your sophomore lounge cool by personalizing it – If you need to get work done, though, go to the library! Don’t waste your time watching Netflix in the lounge. Love always, The Juniors of Ms. Barker’s advisory   Class of 2018: Don’t think because you’re sophomores, you don’t have to try. Meet with your teachers. Stay organized. Stay on top of your work. Do all your work. It’ll benefit you in the end. Plan your weekend. Don’t wait until Sunday night to do all your homework. Let your teachers know ahead of time if you can’t get something done, but don’t make excuses. Check RomanNet for homework before you go home. Get good sleep and eat well.   Good luck, The Friedman Advisory]]>