Java With Jess and Viry

Jessica Mora, Viry Ayala

For our first Java chat, we decided to interview our newest exchange student in the junior class: Prapti Joshi. Prapti was a face we’d seen occasionally in the hallways or during grade level meetings. She seemed shy at first–possibly just nervous about finally being in Chicago–but after the interview we discovered how adventurous and kind she really is.

 Prapti comes from the Woodstock School in Mussoorie, India. When the idea of an exchange came up at school, she was intrigued; it was like nothing she had done before. Her original plan was to participate in the Canadian exchange, but was instead encouraged to come to Chicago (her first trip to America!). In terms of flying to far off places, Prapti is a pro: she has visited Nigeria, Singapore, Dubai, and Egypt, just to name a few. However, her favorite place is definitely Woodstock due to her friends and the gorgeous view of the Himalayas.

Spending a semester at Latin gives Prapti a great opportunity to make new friendships and explore a different culture. She pointed out that in her three weeks here she has noticed that Latin is “really diverse.” With new clubs and classes being offered this year, Prapti will have no problem learning about a wide variety of people and ideas. When we asked what she was most looking forward to she immediately answered, “having fun!” And with Homecoming right around the corner, she’s excited to go dress shopping.

 Prapti is enjoying and taking in all that Chicago has to offer. Her favorite moment so far has been going to Michigan and lying on the beach (totally chill!). Her host, Frances Kelleher, has also taken her to see the Hancock building and Navy Pier. This semester, Prapti is hoping to tryout for the basketball team, a great way to bond before her departure in December.

Though Prapti is saddened that she will only be staying in the Windy City for a semester, she’s anticipating Frances’ stay in Woodstock for the second half of the year. Meanwhile, she undoubtedly has a busy few months ahead of her (she’s taking three science classes!), but she’s excited nonetheless. If you see Prapti around in the hallways (or during the upcoming pep rally or at Homecoming) say hello because she is always open to conversation and meeting new people. So don’t be shy, chances are she might end up being one of your close friends this semester.]]>