Coffee With Chris: Olivia Schultz

Chris Maurice

After multiple attempts to meet with senior Olivia Schultz for Coffee with Chris, we finally found a perfect time and walked across the frozen sidewalk to the coffee shop across the street.

Olivia is sick of the cold whether. Even though it may look pretty from inside a warm toasty room, it is brutal once outside. Olivia wants summer and warm weather to return. But, don’t fear, warm weather is in sight for Olivia who will be traveling to Arizona where she will visit a dude ranch with family and then continue on to Cancun with friends. For project week, Olivia is off to Story Exchange in Wisconsin where she will be exchanging stories with students in Ireland.

Olivia’s life at Latin is unfortunately coming to a close. Over 14 years Olivia has learned plenty of lessons. One piece of advice she had was how the social stuff might seem like it matters but you have to take a step back and look at the big picture; there are plenty of other things that are more important. After taking the lifer picture on the rooftop playground of the lower school, Olivia went and talked with her former fourth grade teacher, who informed her that only 11 weeks of school remain. Olivia plans on making the most of these final weeks of school; she wants to learn, not just strive for a grade in the fourth quarter. With the end of her Latin School career, a new door opens. Olivia will join the class of 2018 at Vanderbilt University where she hopes to pursue biology and pre med. She is currently in the process of looking for a roommate, someone with good study habits and also fun to be with.

Olivia has taken plenty of amazing trips with Latin; she has traveled to Berlin, California, Rome, and South Africa. Olivia said students should take advantage of trips that are offered at Latin. She hopes to continue traveling throughout college and beyond. It is still obviously important for Olivia to stay focused for the remainder of the year. Though she thought that second semester would be a breeze, she is still making the most of it. Olivia, who loves Miley Cyrus, went to her concert last week and described it as “vulgar” but loves Miley’s voice, personality and everything else about her!

Riding horses is one of Olivia’s favorite hobbies. Contrary to popular belief, horseback riding does require physical activity. After taking a break from riding in her junior year to focus on academic commitments, Olivia has returned to the stable and continues to work on her riding ability for her competitions.

Olivia was great to talk to. I’m glad she took time out of her day to sit and tell me about what’s happening in her life. Olivia gave me plenty of great guidance as I continue through the rest of high school. A major piece of advice Olivia hit home was to be thankful for all the teachers you have. So on behalf of Olivia and myself, thank you teachers of Latin for being amazing. And thank you Olivia for letting me interview you.